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To Plant Gems of Inspiration - the Garnet

It is true that we can make resolutions on any Monday morning, or any 1st of the month, or indeed any time or day of the year. But there is something about the start of a New Year which is energising. The feasting is over and we're ready for some plain fare. The longest night is past and we're looking to brighter days. I was thinking of some of the things I would like to learn this year and trying to define what I would like to accomplish. Frankly, there's too much! But the longest journey starts with a single step, so I decided to do what I normally do. I accumulate a few random facts about topical issues and etymology. The origin of words is fascinating and leads to all sorts of convoluted trains-of-thought. And so, when I discovered that the gemstone for January is the garnet I was absolutely in my element (or should I say elements?)

Garnets are small round seed-like gemstones (hence their name from the Latin granatus) which have been valued since ancient times. They adorned the necks of Egyptian Pharaohs and it is said that one of the precious stones given to King Solomon by God was a garnet.

While it is mostly associated with a deep red colour, I recently learned that there is an amazing range of garnet colours and I have to say I found the fact extraordinarily cheering. In fact, garnets are dependent on different minerals for their hue and the deep red variety which medieval knights fixed to their armour for protection is the most common. The variety of other colours is almost like a bouquet of the spring flowers.

As the gemstone for January, the garnet is a symbol of the old becoming the new, the seed which will grow into a mature plant, a commitment to new projects and the constancy of old friendships. There have been myths and legends through the ages which channel the beliefs in the properties and symbolism of this durable semi-precious stone. I'm curious as to what will this year bring.

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Thanks for logging in and reading the blog. There is a group associated with the Collaborative writing event - I had neglected to make the "Groups list" tab visible in the menu at the top of every page. Only participants in the collaborative writing event may join the group. It is within the group that we can upload drafts and pieces of writing and other media. I will need to double check all the navigation on the website to make sure the group is properly accessible! I appreciate your patience and will try not to stretch it too far.

As far as how the project will proceed:

I envisage that I will publish 2-3 blogposts per week here (ultimately they…


Same here as Dlore. Is there a subject that we should be writing about that you will post every week? Or are we to come up with subjects out of the blue? Or are we to write about gemstones for this month? Just wondering! J-P


I’m not clear on how we begin, but you can use my fumbling attempt to educate us. Coincidentally, Garnet Hernandez is the name of the lead in my first series. Her parents named all of their children after birthstones. So I wrote a little short story about that. I‘m not clear on whether you want to collect those short stories in the blog. You said there was a way to add files to the event, so I will look for that.

if you hadn’t intended the blog for more than just the instructions, then I hope you can delete this! :D

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