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The Origin of Circles & Strands

I have been inspired to start this project for so many reasons. We all have things we like to do to unwind and we all have things we'd like to do... if only we had the time. For years, it seemed, I was too busy to read, write and craft, all of which brought me joy. I love learning new things and it's amazing when you follow a strand of learning  how many subjects are interlinked, and one piece of knowledge or a new skill can lead on to the next.  I also forgot the benefits that come from being absorbed by performing a task without persistent distractions. It's amazing how even simple things can re-energise us whether it's the simple act of writing something with a beautiful pen on lovely paper, or sewing a cross stitch or making a mosaic. ​ Wouldn't it be lovely if there were a place to drop in, to sit quietly or to start a project or learn something new? Maybe there would be some interesting articles to read or a board to write comments.  I want to provide a space where, even when life in general is hectic, we have some hands on activities and the chance to hear some fun, interesting things!

Karen Green, Founder
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