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It's World Bee Day

Updated: May 23

Start the Week is one of my favourite podcasts... the topics are so varied and interesting. This episode was broadcast last week but since 20th of May is World Bee Day, it seemed appropriate to share it today.

Bee-ing a Bee Fan I was obviously interested in the subject and was intrigued to hear about the "Bees: A Story of Survival" exhibition ( at the World Museum, Liverpool until May 2025.) But, as is often the case these days, I also had a certain reluctance to listen as sometimes natural history programming can be depressing given the state of the natural world and how inconsequential individual action might seem. Well, I listened to it anyway, and actually it was fascinating... particularly when they are talking about urban bees. I learned A LOT!

I hope you'll listen to this episode and then contribuyr your thoughts to the comments.

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What an interesting and educational podcast! Looks like I will be planting more flowers! Its also such a good, healthy reminder to me, that regardless of species, humans, bees, or even my sweet pup, we all can look at the world differently, from a vast diversity of perspectives and can function together in many different ways. I sure do love flowers. Thank you for sharing Karen.

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