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The Guardian of the Palace by Steven J. Morris

Everyone knows magic isn’t real. Alien invaders? Ha! Yet, unless one skeptic changes her mind, Earth and her life will meet a swift end.

Disillusioned with her military career, Red Hernandez crawled back to civilian life as a second tier security lead for an engineering marvel meant to cram more people into the tiny island of Manhattan. She expected her biggest struggles to be integrating back into a society where social media and closet space reigned supreme. But when mysterious forces destroy a building similar to the one she’s chartered to protect, in an implosive blast never before seen, all notions of a cushy retirement job go up in smoke.

With lives on the line, but big money pushing to continue construction, Red finds the steely determination that she believed lost in the desert of her past. She unravels the mystery of the destructive tech, discovering it to be not just alien, but magical, and re-evaluates everything she believed to be true.

Can one woman stop magic-wielding invaders from destroying the world, or will disbelief be her undoing?

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