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The Corporate Introvert by Steve Friedman

An Introvert’s Ultimate Guide to Becoming an Inspiring Leader

Discover How to Bring to Life Your Hidden Talents and Strengths

Leadership for introverts resembles a tree. For a tree’s canopy to be expansive and beautiful, it must have healthy roots, strong branches, and an environment in which it can flourish.

For an introvert to flourish in a corporate environment, you must learn how to lead with authenticity and certainty.

The Corporate Introvert will show you exactly how to build a strong tree that empowers you to:

Become a respected, successful leader

Build confidence and realize your dreams

Capitalize on your talents, values and passions

Shed your mask and master your energy “battery”

Shine in meetings, networking, communications, and more

Steve Friedman has packed this blueprint for inner growth with stories and models that will impact you immediately. You’ll gain essential insights into how you can stop acting and embrace your true self.

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