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All the Best for 2024!

Since the first day of 2024 is a Monday, it already feels like a great day to make plans and launch new projects. This is unusual for me because many times over the years I have made New Year Resolutions only to have life intervene and plans change. Even the simple intention to have some fun each day (surely not too onerous!) proved to be impossible to stick to one year. After that, I gave up on New Year resolutions entirely.

Nevertheless, Monday the 1st of January seems like a good day to move forward a little with my Circles & Strands project after months (actually years) of imagining, planning and processing ideas. I have come to the conclusion that the only thing to do is embrace the uncertainty and make a little start.

Some of my friends have an idea of the scope of what I would like to create, but the concept has been remarkably difficult to articulate and I can only conclude that the famous writer's maxim "Show don't tell!" is particularly pertinent here. So, the plan is simply to "get started!" and then keep going. I'm looking forward to finding out how 2024 will unfold, no doubt with curiosity, creativity and community along the way.

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